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No doubt that 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and it is more important than ever to watch out for each other and keep talking and checking in.

As the current coronavirus situation continues to develop, Indec’s priority is to maintain the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees, clients, suppliers and the community, at all times.

“The pace of change in Government advice, restrictions and working conditions is still rapid and unpredictable. The Indec Leadership Team has been monitoring closely any further market developments, and Government restrictions and their impact on our operations while keeping our employees informed as best we can” said David Gotze, Group Managing Director.

“We have reviewed the Government guidelines in relation to Stage 4 Stay at Home restrictions and updated the Indec COVID Plan to incorporate office specific requirements for our employees working in Melbourne, particularly those who may be required to travel to client sites/premises for approved work tasks.”

Indec has been supporting any employee currently based in an Indec office, who can do so effectively, to work from home should they believe it reduces their risk and that of other employees. Those based on client sites have been following the client’s arrangements.

To support employees who consider that it would be best to work from their respective office, Indec offices have remained open, all of which have enough space in the offices and between work stations to ensure safe social distancing. Employees have been regularly reminded to implement social distancing as much as possible and greetings must not be physical.

Indec has also bolstered its talent pool to meet client needs through this time – Principals Advisory and Project Development David Blom and Melissa Lysaght, and Senior Consultants Madison Molloy, Matthew Dodds and Misty Fisher all joined Indec since the pandemic began.

“I congratulate our employees for adapting to their new work circumstances and for continuing to focus on the delivery of service to clients and on securing future work despite restrictions on face-to-face meetings. We understand that many people are feeling anxious and this is a very understandable response to this very unusual situation. The impact on all of us may also change over time as we continue to adapt where necessary,” said David.

“On R U OK?Day, I remind our employees to watch out for each other and keep talking and checking in. Simply by making time to ask, listen, encourage action and check-in can make a positive difference to their life. They and their immediate family members can contact our Employee Assistance Program for additional support. I know we can get through this together.”

For more information contact:

Rebecca Ng, Senior Marketing and Bid Advisor