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As the Program Manager for the Wet Store Relocation Project, Indec has been working with the Queensland Museum Network to relocating more than 130,000 scientific specimens stored in ethanol from the Queensland Museum at Southbank to a modern, purpose-built facility at Hendra.

The $16.1 million project includes the design and construction of the wet store which will house the growing collection along with providing bespoke laboratory facilities and office accommodation for Queensland Museum Network scientist and visiting researchers.

In early October, the project met the important milestones of receiving State Infrastructure Designation planning approval and the engagement of the Principal Contractor to construct and commission the new Wet Store and laboratories. Work on-site will commence later this month and planning has commenced moving the 130,000 specimens in the first half of 2021.

“Indec’s program management capabilities are helping Queensland Museum Network deliver this complex project that will ensure we have the facilities to continue the valuable research of the museum and visiting researchers in a safe and modern environment,” said Jim Grayson, Chief Operating Officer Queensland Museum Network.

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For more information contact:

Rob Keogh, Managing Consultant
+61 7 3228 9000