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Indec is providing Independent Certification for the design and testing of the disability access upgrades to the 75 New Generation Rollingstock trainsets.

Indec has been able to blend facilitation, negotiation, and technical engineering skills to bring five stakeholders together through informal and formal meetings to agree and certify the design documentation in an accelerated 10-month design, review, and certification process.

In 2018, it was identified that upgrades were required to resolve non-compliances to the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (DSAPT) Act 2002.

Building on Indec’s extensive experience in major rollingstock programs including the Next Generation Rollingstock Operational Readiness Program, Indec, in partnership with APP Corporation, is providing Independent Certification for the design and testing of a suite of 14 modifications packages.

The upgrades include:

  • Redesign of the existing toilet module to be DSAPT complaint and acceptable to the various disability consultation groups
  • Removal of the existing (non-compliant) toilet module and install two new unisex accessible toilet modules in each of the 75 six-car trains (150 new toilets)
  • Reconfiguration of seating in accessible cars for wheelchair access and manoeuvrability
  • 88 allocated priority seats (64 more from existing layout)
  • Improved signage with Braille and raised text
  • Additional grab/handrails
  • Improvements to systems for assistance requests and passenger destination information
  • Additional internal CCTV cameras and Personal Emergency Intercoms (PEI) for improvement in security and safety

Indec is providing technical expertise including Verification and Systems Lead, Technical Director, Subject Matter Experts for the verification of Interior-toilets, carbody shell, interior-saloon interior and gangways, brakes and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC).

Indec is also providing production surveillance of the modified vehicles at the Downer Rail Production Workshop in Maryborough. As part of the commissioning team, we are providing witness testing and validating on-track dynamic type and routine testing of the full consist, both in Maryborough and Wulkuraka.

Project Details

Qtectic (Project Co) ,TMR (Transport & Main Roads) & Bombardier
Market Sector
Transport and Mobility > Public Transport
2018 – 2024
QLD, Australia
Independent Verification & Certification
Technical Advice & Coordination
Systems Engineering & Safety Assurance

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