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Indec led a major benchmarking and comparative review of the whole of the Defence Material Organisation against best practice external organisations to determine the efficacy of its process for managing major acquisition and sustainment programs.

Indec, in association with SMS Ltd, undertook a major benchmarking review of the structure and operations of the Defence Capital Acquisition and Sustainment Group (formally Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO)) against best practice comparator organisations.

Indec delivered three work packages which led to reform initiatives implemented from 2015:

  • Benchmark the operating and functional models of comparative large and complex organisations, including assurance capabilities focused in relationship to technical and safety regulation, P3M and Asset management through life. Each of the comparator organisations had significant capability development, commercial, asset procurement and asset management functions to inform the Future Operating Model of DMO.
  • Map the high-level core functions of the comparator organisations against the current and ‘End State Design’ for DMO. Assess the optimal composition of the workforce against function and risk: public sector and outsourced – skills, experience, sustainability and development.
  • Detailed analyses of exemplar DMO project delivery business units to inform future options for program delivery and asset management.


Project Details

Department of Defence
Market Sector
Defence > Land, Maritime & Aerospace
Strategic Advice and Planning
Organisational Performance and Governance Frameworks
Policy Development and Regulatory Analysis
Business Analytics

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Christopher Rule, Principal – Defence Sector