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Indec demonstrated its knowledge and expertise to build mental workload models which captured Aurizon’s operating characteristics. This involved working collaboratively with Aurizon and using professional judgement and technical expertise to prepare the data for entry into the models and develop the models.

Aurizon undertook a major business improvement and optimisation program to drive business efficiencies in electrical and network control centres. Indec’s independent analysis guided the changes Aurizon’s made to the control centre operations with Aurizon adjusting the reconfiguration of the control area based on the results produced by the model.

Indec facilitated several workshops with Aurizon subject matter experts to develop the conceptual framework for the models and to identify the availability of data to measure the key activities which contribute to mental workload. We then developed the models, analysed and prepared the data for entry into the models.

Indec stepped through the results produced by the models with Aurizon and completed two rounds of calibration to fine-tune the weights assigned to the key workload attributes in each model.

The summary report prepared by us was strategically important in Aurizon’s consultation process with the electrical and network operators, the Rail and Transport Union and the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator.

As part of the project, we also produced a final report, user manual and model for each control centre (electrical and network).

This project assisted Aurizon undertake operational changes in its electrical and network control centres to achieve strategically driven efficiency savings.

Project Details

Market Sector
Transport and Mobility > Transport Fleet
2019 – 2020
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Organisational Performance
Business Analytics
Strategic Communications & Engagement
Data Analytics & Simulation Modelling
Maintenance Planning & Optimisation

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Sandro Marin, Managing Consultant