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Dr David Chessum, our Managing Consultant Safety, hosted the Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (Australia) AS 7474 Rail industry – System Safety Assurance Development Group workshop at our Sydney Office.

The Standard will assist the Australian rail industry to demonstrate compliance to prevailing rail safety legislation more efficiently and effectively. It is intended to provide a scalable set of requirements to assist designers, manufacturers, transport operators and rail infrastructure managers in the demonstration of compliance to prevailing rail safety legislation.

The Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board is responsible for developing and managing a series of documents classified as the ‘Australia Code of Practice’. These are industry standards, rules, codes of practice, guidelines and handbooks for the Australian rail industry. For more information about the RISSB’s standards, guidelines, codes of practice and rules and procedures, please visit the RISSB website.

For more information contact:

Dr David Chessum, Managing Consultant Safety
+61 2 9233 6566